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Just like all Freedom Rally’s successful events over the years and more to come, Freedom Rally keeps capturing the attentions of the participants, sponsors, media personnel’s and supporting authorities. The 5the Freedom Rally in 2008 which was way beyond the expectations was impeccably conducted.

With 42 participants the event took place in district Gwadar with Azadi mela, motor sports fun fair and entertainment for drivers, families, crew members and local spectators. The course was 40 kilometers away from the city Gwadar which was mainly comprised of soft sand.

Among the main co-sponsors were Gwadar Gymkhana and Total Atlas Lubricants with the great support and being the official partner hotel of “Pearl Continental Zaver Gwadar” played its important role.  The supporting authorities were Govt. of Pakistan Govt. of Balochistan, District Government, Pakistan Coast Guard, Sipka Communication, Park Tower and all the motor sport clubs.

Geo television network as the official media partner gave extensive coverage by giving live updates on Geo News, played during event promos and tickers, and post event segments of the whole event. The event was covered extensively by local Media Dawn News, The Musik and Geo Television Network.

The prize distribution ceremony was held at Pearl Continental Zaver with Nadir Magsi taking the Championship Title of 2008 Freedom Rally, with his co-driver Nusrat Ali in A-group. Pashambay with his co-driver A. Razzak was neck and neck to Nadir Magsi, secured the second position in A-group. Ronnie Patel with his co-driver Hassan Magsi, secured the 3rd position.

In B-group Asad Khoro with his co-driver Mansoor Aleem shooting through the Finish Gate secured the first position. Followed by Noman Saranjan with co-driver Saad Tariq, secured the second position. And securing the third position with all its thrust and power through the Finish Gate was Hassan Sadiq with his co-driver Haider A. Khan.
In C-group shooting through the gate and securing the First, Second and Third positions were Rashid Abdullah with co-driver S.M.Tariq, Ghazanfar Agha with co-driver Shan Agha, Kunwar Asad Sarfaraz with co driver Faraz Ahmed and Maj. Usman with co-driver Zubair Shah, shared the podium for the 3rd position respectively.

In D-group coming through the Finish Gate from a huge ball of dust and securing the First, Second and Third Position were Wasim Jalbani with co-driver Nadir Jalbani, Faisal Qaiyum with co-driver Amer Saeed, and Shahzad Khalid with co-driver Anza Shehzad, respectively.


champion fr 2008
Name Nadir Magsi
Country Pakistan
Team  -
Title Champion 09
Co - Driver Nusrat Ali
Debut 2005
First Win 1st position fr 05
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