about freedom rally

“Freedom Rally Pakistan” is the brand ambassador of motorsports in Pakistan. It began its journey in 2004 by indulging all the brains and expertise together and organized its first annual motorsport event. Its prime and best terrain is no other then the new emerging global commercial hub “GWADAR”. The motive behind “Freedom Rally Pakistan” is to promote motorsports professionally by bringing in the billion dollar industry and at the same time highlighting tourism, which creates a soft image of Pakistan to the international community.

Talking about motorsports in Pakistan, we seriously believe that the driving talent in Pakistan is ample. Through Freedom Rally, drivers can also stand a chance to participate internationally. “Freedom Rally Pakistan”, since 2004 is striving each year very hard to make this annual event healthier and thrilling. Every year Freedom Rally provides its drivers with a challenging terrain for the test between MEN AND MACHINE.

We do not only call ourselves the pioneers in promoting motorsports in Pakistan but we are also the pioneers of introducing the new talent by providing the drivers with the basic schooling of motorsports with the incorporation of the “EMSF” (Emirates Motor Sports Federation). “Freedom Rally Pakistan” is the first motorsports company which allowed “EMSF” to be a part in the fourth Freedom Rally on the 14th August 2007. Freedom Rally 2007 was almost organized according to the FIA (Federation International de Automobile) local ASN Rules and regulations. All the SAFETY measures were closely monitored which made this event highly appreciated by the drivers, EMSF and the Government of Pakistan.

“Freedom Rally Pakistan” is also focusing on introducing international drivers to come and participate in the rallies so that they can also enjoy the beautiful off-road terrain and thrilling motorsports in Pakistan. “Freedom Rally Pakistan” is also planning to jointly hold rallies with “EMSF” (Emirates Motor Sports Federation) in Dubai, in doing that it will provide Pakistan’s drivers to expand their horizons from national to international level.



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